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Connect Google Home with Aqara Home

Google Home is a smart speaker using speaking voice commands to interact with your devices like your smartphone, coffee machine and more.

Just start by saying, “Hey Google”, you can enjoy your favourite music, get quick answers from Google, and control your smart home devices with Aqara Home.

Through voice control with Google Home, you can control your LED light bulb, smart plugs, and smart switches.


Connect Google Home with Aqara Home

After setting up your devices, you will have to pair Aqara Home app with Google Home

Download Google Home App at Google Play Store here.








In the Google Home app:

  1. Open the Google Home app and press the Home icon (bottom left corner)
  2. Press the Add (+) icon
  3. Select Set up device
  4. Go to Works with Google
  5. Search “Aqara Smart Home” in the search field and Select it
  6. Log in using your Aqara Home account and sign in to bind your account.
  7. Your smart devices can now be discovered in Home page, next step, you can assign your devices to your rooms (see steps below)


Assign devices to Home

In the Google Home app:

  1. Open the Google Home app and press the Home icon (bottom left corner)
  2. Go to device page (Linked to you)
  3. Select a device you want to assign to a Home.
  4. Tap on the Settings icon and select Home.
  5. Choose an existing Home or Create another home.
  6. If you Create another home, type a nickname, then press SAVE.
  7. Press Next to assign the device to your home
  8. Press Move Device

This completes the setup, your assigned devices and Google Home are now successfully linked. Then you’re ready to control multiple smart devices as a together.

Add new devices to Google Home

If you add new devices to Aqara Home after you have already paired it with Google Home, the new device will be added to Home page automatically.

After you assign the device to your Home, it is ready-to-use for voice control through Google Home right away.

Unpairing Aqara Home from Google Home

To unpair Aqara Home from Google Home, you just need to unlink your Aqara account from Google Home app.

In the Google Home App

  1. Open the Google Home app and press the Home icon (bottom left corner)
  2. Press the Add (+) icon
  3. Select set up device
  4. Go to Works with Google
  5. Press Linked service – Aqara Smart Home
  6. Tap Unlink account – UNLINK to unpair Aqara Home from Google Home


Helpful links

The list of Aqara products operations with voice command:

Products Speech Activation Guide
Aqara Hub “Hey, Google. Turn on/off the hub’s light”
(or set any scene including the Smart hub’s light)
Aqara Smart Plug “Hey, Google. Turn on/off the Plug”
Aqara Wall Switch “Hey, Google. Turn on/off the Switch”


Aqara LED Light Bulb “Hey, Google. Turn on/off the LED light.”
” Hey, Google. Dim/Brighten the LED light.”
” Hey, Google. Set LED light to 50%.”


Frequently Asked Questions: 


What do I need to connect Google Home with Aqara Home app?

To connect with our Aqara Home app, you need an Aqara smart Hub and a Google Home device. Most smart devices that work with Aqara Home can be controlled through Google Home.


How do rooms work with Google Assistant?

By assigning Aqara devices to a room within Google Home control, you can control multiple devices as a group.


To create a Room (in Google Home App):

(1) Open the Google Home app and select home page

(2) Select In your home and select a device

(3) Select Room (Add to a room)

(4) Select a room from the available options

  1. a) To add a room that’s not listed, scroll down and select Custom Room
  2. b) Enter name of the room

(5) Select Next

(6) You’ll see the device in your custom room.


To rename a room (in Google Home App):

(1) In the Home page

(2) Select your custom room name

(3) Press the set-up icon

(4) Select Name and type the new name

(5) Touch OK

(6) You’ll see the devices listed under the new room name


To remove devices from a room:

(1) Touch the room you’d like to adjust

(2) Select Delete room – Remove

(3) You’ll see the devices listed In your home


To move devices into a room:

(1) Touch the devices or the room you’d like to adjust

(2) Select set-up icon

(3) Press Room and choose the available options

(4) Touch Save – Remove

(5) You’ll see the devices in your updated room