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How to Connect Amazon Alexa with Aqara Home

Aqara Home works with Amazon Echo. You can use Alexa to control your smart home devices, like a LED Light Bulb, your Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Door and Window Sensor, and Motion Sensor. You can build fun accessories combinations and synced it with Amazon Echo.

Get started

  1. DownloadAqara Home app and create an account.
  2. Download Amazon Alexa App and Set up your Amazon Alexa device.


Connect Amazon Alexa with Aqara Home

In the Alexa app:

  1. From the menu, select Skills & Games
  2. SearchAqara Home Skill
  3. Enter “Aqara Home” in the search field
  4. Select Enable to use for Aqara Home
  5. Log in using your Aqara Home account
  6. If successfully paired, the following message will appear: “Aqara Home has been successfully linked”
  7. Press “x” to close the window


Discover devices with Amazon Alexa

After Amazon Alexa have access to your Aqara Home Devices and Scenes. It needs to “discover” or locate the Devices and Scenes.

In Amazon Alexa app:

  1. After successfully linking Aqara Home with Alexa, go to Discover Devices
  2. Wait for the app to finish detecting your devices.

If Alexa does not discover any devices:

On Amazon Alexa app, go to Devices (the home icon in the bottom right)

  1. Press the “+” icon
  2. Select Add Device
  3. Go toHub – Other – Discover Devices
  4. Wait for the app to finish detecting your devices.

This may take up to 45 seconds.

When detection is complete, it will list all the Devices and Scenes in the Smart Home Devices (home icon in the bottom right) section in the app.

Now you’re done with the set up and ready to use Alexa’s hands-free voice control for your Aqara devices.

Note: At this time, Alexa can support Aqara LED Light Bulb, Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Door and Window Sensor, and Motion Sensor. Your existing Scenes may not work if the device is not supported.


Add new devices, Scenes or Routines to Amazon Alexa

By default, Alexa receives all permissions to access to your Aqara Home devices when you log into your Aqara Home account on Amazon Alexa app. When you add new devices, Alexa will automatically pair up. You can also simply ask: “Alexa, discover my devices” and wait for the app to finish detecting. You’ll then be able to control your new Aqara devices through Alexa immediately.

In the Aqara Home App:

Ø Add new devices:

  1. From the Home screen, press (+) button.
  2. Select the device to add.
  3. Follow the instructions in the app to successfully connect it with Aqara Home.
  4. The device will appear in the list of connected devices on Amazon Alexa’s.
  5. You can also ask: “Alexa, discover newdevices.”
  6. And wait for Alexa to complete device detection.

Ø Add a new scene:

  1. From the Home screen, press (+) button.
  2. Press Add, select your devices.
  3. Press test this scene, input the scene name and save.
  4. On Amazon Alexa App, from the Devices screen, select Scenes then Discover Scenes.
  5. Press Done.

Ø Add new Routines:

  1. From the Menu, press Routines.
  2. Press (+) to create a New Routine.
  3. Select “When this happens” then (+), choose the device and set the condition
  4. On “Anytime”, to set the time you want.
  5. Choose“Add action” and select the reaction from Alexa or the other devices
  6. Save


Disconnect Aqara Home from Amazon Alexa

Note: After unpairing Alexa and Aqara Home, your Amazon Alexa device will no longer accept voice commands from Aqara Home devices or Scenes.

In the Amazon Alexa App:

  1. Go to Menu (on the top left)
  2. Select Skills & Games
  3. Select Your Skills, and press Aqara Home
  4. Choose Disable Skill
  5. Press DISABLE


Helpful Links


The list of Aqara products operations:


Products Speech Activation Guide
Aqara Hub “Alexa, turn on/off the hub’s light”
(or set any scene including the Smart hub’s light)
Aqara Motion Sensor “Alexa, set people-passing scene,” (or set any scene including the Motion Sensor)

Alexa can also perform actions when motion is detected.

Aqara Door and Window Sensor “Alexa, is window/door open/close?”

“Alexa, is my bedroom window open?”

Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor “Alexa, what’s the temperature/humidity?”
Aqara LED Light Bulb “Alexa, turn on/off the light.”
“Alexa, dim/brighten the light.”
“Alexa, set light to soft white.”


Frequently Asked Questions:

Amazon Alexa + Aqara Home FAQ

  1. What do I need to connect Amazon Alexa with Aqara Home app?

To connect with our Aqara Home app, you need an Aqara Smart Hub and an Amazon Alexa device. Most smart devices that work with Aqara Home and can be controlled through Amazon Alexa.

  1. How do I pair Alexa with Aqara Home?

We invite you to read the section Connect Amazon Alexa with Aqara Home” for more details.

(1) Or you can go to “Menu – Skills & Games”.

(2) Search “Aqara Home” – “Enable Skill”.

  1. Can I use my existing Custom Automation or Scenes with Alexa?

As long as your Custom Automation or Scenes support your devices, they can be used with Alexa.

  1. Can I use my existing Routines with Alexa?

No, if you have previously set your existing routines with Aqara Home, you will have to set a new routine and pair it with Alexa first to make it work. We first invite you to read the section on how to “connect Amazon Alexa with Aqara Home” then how to “Add new Routines”.

  1. Which Aqara smart devices are supported by Alexa?

Alexa can be used to control the LED light bulbs. You can set your Scenes with Aqara Home, and set your Routines with Amazon Alexa. Plus, Alexa can also check the status of your door and window sensors, temperature, humidity sensors and motion sensors.

  1. Does the Aqara LED Light Bulbs support adjustable colours?

Aqara LED Light Bulbs do not support different colours, but you can adjust the light tones with the following options: Warm white, Soft white, White, Daylight, Cool white.