Avant Guard Smart Solutions

About Us

Who are we?

Avant Guard is Malaysia’s homegrown smart access and home solutions brand, with a clear mission to make life better through smart solutions. From smart door and grille lock, smart home devices, to Airbnb, office and hotel smart solutions, every product and service is passionately designed and executed with Malaysian lifestyle at first place.


How we started?

We started our journey looking for a smarter access for our own grille door besides physical keys. Malaysia is one of the very few countries in the world that uses grille doors for extra security. The need to carry a bunch of keys and long opening time drove us crazy. There must be a better solution to this.

That’s where we see a gap in Malaysia smart lock. Traditional digital locks are designed for convenience alone, and heavily lacking in terms of security features, user friendliness and connectivity. Most importantly, most digital locks at the time are not designed for grille doors in mind. Anyone can just slide in his hand and open the door.

We realize that Malaysia needs a brand that builds products with Malaysian lifestyle in mind; embodying security, convenience, and app connectivity in every product at a reasonable price. With that strong drive and passion, we started our smart brand Avant Guard.


What makes us different?

Avant Guard operates at a direct to business and consumer model. We sell directly to our customers through our online platforms and showroom, rather than through a distributor. This is how we always drive our prices low and reward our customers with quality products.

We are so passionate and serious in quality control, we are the first Malaysian smart lock brand that has a service center with our own in house installer team. We have the fullest range of spare parts and well trained team. To us, after sales service matters most to all our customers.

From our humble beginnings, we are overwhelmed by the great response from customers towards our products. And we continue to strive for excellence in becoming No 1 Malaysian smart solutions company.

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Our Mission

To make life better with smart solutions

Achieving Goal

Our Goal

To make Avant Guard the No 1 Malaysian smart solutions company

Our Core Values



As a fast growing smart solutions company in Malaysia, we take pride in always provide honest advice and be truthful in bringing the best value to our customers, and business partners.



Nothing beats the happiness shared by our satisfied customers. We are truly grateful and passionate in creating better products and solutions in our mission to make life better through smart solutions.



It’s in Avant Guard’s DNA to always listen to customers, think out of the box and challenge the status quo in bringing the best products and services to every Malaysian consumers.



We truly believe that trust is earned, not given. And we consistently remind ourselves to reflect respect and trustworthiness among co-workers, partners, and customers.

Our Commitment

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